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The Brandon Brook HOA community website provides information and helpful links for our residents and interested visitors.  Please visit this home page often for current news and events.  You may click on the links on the left to access important documents and forms, contact information, and other useful resources.  
Community News
Log In to Register Your Email Address
Posted on Apr 21st, 2014
Your Brandon Brook HOA website allows access to all pages and information for residents and visitors.  If desired, homeowners may "log in" to register their email information for occasional email updates from the HOA board.  No passwords or log in information is required to enjoy your community website and information pages!  
4 Community Reminders for Residents
Posted on Jan 26th, 2014
  • Trailers are not to be stored anywhere in view.
  • The new trash barrels, while huge, must be stored completely out of sight from the street.  (Suggestion: put up a piece lattice fencing or bushes to hide the trash bins from view.)
  • Keep your yard raked of leaves to help your lawn come back quicker in the spring.
  • Pay your assessments that are coming due.  Paying now saves you legal fees later.
Saturday Trash Woes
Posted on Oct 26th, 2013
Many of you have emailed us expressing your dissatisfaction with Saturday trash pick-up.  You have every right to voice your concerns and dissatisfaction with having trash pick-up on a weekend!  There is a catch though.  If you are voicing your concerns to the board, we are powerless to make the type of changes you are asking for.  However this does not mean changes cannot be made, we just have to let our voices be heard by the appropriate parties.
If you are concerned with Saturday trash pick-up please contact 813-272-5680 to speak to a live person or you can email  When communicating with the waste company make sure you are clear about your concern and that you try to be as polite as possible.  Remember, when you contact them, you will be representing Brandon Brook.
Submit Suggestions to Your Board
Posted on Jun 19th, 2013
If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve our community, feel free to click the "Contact Us" button on the bottom left side of the navigation panel.  Your board members welcome your helpful ideas on how to improve Brandon Brook!
All HOA questions and inquiries should be directed to McNeil Management on the "Contact Us" page. 

Message from Board
Greetings Brandon Brook Homeowners,

I hope you are enjoying “hopping” into spring!  The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and we have been enjoying a bit more rain lately.  Now is a great time to do some gardening!  Rake those leaves, throw down some fresh mulch, plant some beautiful annuals/perennials and spread some form of weed and feed.  Before you know it, we will have a bright, beautiful neighborhood to drive through!

In other community news, please do your part to keep our streets clean.  Throwing litter down just isn’t nice.  If you want to be REALLY nice, when you see a piece of litter - pick it up! Together we can help keep the community looking beautiful! 

Finally, if you see a need in the community feel free to email us about it.  We will gladly take your suggestions under consideration!

Brandon Brook HOA


Upcoming Events
Community Garage Sale
Friday, April 11th to Sunday, May 4th
Don’t forget, May 3rd is the Community Garage Sale.  It takes place from 7:30-12 pm.  Set up, and enjoy unloading some of your clutter, which will surely become someone else’s treasure!
HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 15th to Monday, June 9th
The next HOA Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 9th at 7:00 pm at the Brandon Regional Library on Vonderburg Dr.  All homeowners are welcome to attend. 

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