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Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions: Original declaration and amendments; this is the most extensive document covering the deeds and restrictions of the Brandon Brook HOA.
  • Article I - Definitions, pages 1-3
  • Article II - Property Rights, page 3-6
  • Article III - Membership and Voting Rights, page 6
  • Article IV - Covenant for Maintenance, page 7
  • Article V - Covenant for Maintenance Assessments, pages 7-9
  • Article VI - Default, pages 9-11
  • Article VII - Annexation, pages 11-12
  • Article VIII - Platting and Subdivision Restrictions, page 12
  • Article IX - Architectural Control, pages 12-13
  • Article X - Use Restrictions, pages 13-16
  • Article XI - General Provisions, pages 16-17
  • Exhibits, Amendments, and Signed Acknowledgment, pages 18-38
Articles of Incorporation: Original articles defining the purpose and powers of the association, voting rights,  etc.
Association By-Laws: Original by-laws of the HOA, defining various terms, including the responsibilities of board members and homeowners.
  • Article III - Meeting of Members, page 1
  • Article IV - Board of Directors: Selection: Term of Office, pages 1-2
  • Article V - Nomination and Election of Directors, pages 2-3
  • Article VI - Meeting of Directors, page 3
  • Article VII - Powers and Duties of Board of Directors, pages 3-5
  • Article VIII - Officers and Duties, pages 5-7
  • Article IX - Books and Records, page 7
  • Articles X - Assessments, page 7
Supplemental Rules and Regulations: These guidelines provide additional details to the general guidelines in the original declaration.  The supplemental rules are intended to help clarify details regarding the maintenance of properties within Brandon Brook and may be updated or revised as needed.
Approved Color Palette:  A list of the pre-approved paint colors for homes in Brandon Brook. You may visit McNeil Management's office to see color samples of the approved colors.  


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