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Board of Directors
President: Dennis Wilson
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary/Treasurer: Claudina Doyle
Director: Osric Morris
Director: Tracy Dennis
HOA Meetings:
Annual Meetings are held at the Brandon Library. The purpose of this meeting is to elect your board of directors for a one to three year term each.  A meeting agenda and proxy will be mailed to all Brandon Brook homeowners at least 15 days prior to the annual meeting.  A quorum of voters must be represented in person or by proxy for the Association to conduct its business, so it is important for homeowners to attend this meeting or return their signed proxy prior to the annual meeting.
Board Meetings are usually held every other month at the Brandon Library located at 619 Vonderburg Dr. in Brandon. Notices will be posted in the community with the date and time of each meeting.  All Brandon Brook homeowners are welcome to attend these board meetings and will be provided an opportunity at the end of each meeting to ask questions or make comments, time permitting.  Please contact our management company, McNeil Management Services, for additional information by email: or by phone at (813) 571-7100.
Click here for the 2021 HOA meeting schedule
Board Meeting Minutes:


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